To and from Cape Verde by sea, by air, local transport, warehousing, express services
  • Italy - Cape Verde by SEA Full Container
  • Italy - Cape Verde by SEA Groupage Container
  • Europe - Cape Verde by SEA Full Container
  • Asia - Cape Verde by SEA Full Container
  • Italy - Cape Verde by AIR
  • England - Cape Verde by AIR
Transport by sea
Transport by air
Local transport
Express Services



Custom Clearance


  • Preparation of all documents needed for import, including health documents for goods that require sanitary inspection
  • Translation of the invoices in Portuguese and classification by product category
  • Ability to make a quotation for import (duty + VAT)
  • Submission of documents to the competent authorities
  • Delivery of the goods to the final destination

Complete Cycle

The "carefree"service to fit your needs


Thanks to a trading Company based in Italy, we can offer a complete cycle starting from the purchase of the goods in Italy or Europe until the delivery to Cape Verde, passing through transport and customs clearance:

  • Purchase of goods in Italy/Europe
  • Order reception
  • Shipment staging
  • Transport
  • Customs clearance
  • Cape Verde delivery

other services

Internal transport for groupage

Collect goods from all Italian locations with a return in 24/48 hours

Positioning (placement) by truck containers

Loading goods at the supplier’s factory / warehouse directly with the container

Logistics platforms

Possibility to storage goods and receive logistical support at the major Italian distribution centers

Italian customs

Export customs operations carried out by our staff, with fast return of documents

Practice management IMO for dangerous goods

Full management from the receipt of the datasheets, to the drafting of documents for boarding

VGM weighing

After the introduction of the new SOLAS regulations, we provide the certified weighing required for boarding

Direct assistance during the phases of containerization

We assist all phases of containerization in port

Loading of oversized goods by flat rack

Possibility of loading oversized goods (trucks, boats, etc.) on platforms

Goods all-risk insurance

Goods all-risk insurance

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ADR classes compatibility

ADR classes compatibility

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Container size 40 “

Container size 40 “

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Container size 20 “

Container size 20 “

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